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  • Powder Conveyor Screw Feeder

    Powder Conveyor Screw Feeder

    Powder conveyor Screw feeder Stainless Steel Hopper with Vibrator Stainless Steel Feed Screw for even, consistent flow Stainless Steel Housing for easy cleaning Technicial parameter Powder feeder and packing machineRead More
  • Automatic Unloading Machine

    Automatic Unloading Machine

    Speed:60 cans/min Max.Specification of Cans Stacks:1400*1300*1800mm Power Supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz Total Power:1.6KW Overall Dimension:4766*1954*2413mm Automatic unloading machine unload the cans and feed the cans to the umscrambler. To send the empty cans from layers to...Read More
  • Unscrambling Table and Collecting Table

    Unscrambling Table and Collecting Table

    Unscrambling table and collecting table arrange the cans in line, then go to the filling machine one by one. Features:Unscrambling the cans which unload by manual or unloading machine to queue a line. Fully stainless steel structure With guard rail,can be adjustable,suitable...Read More
  • Empty Cans Cleaning Machine

    Empty Cans Cleaning Machine

    Max.Speed:60 Cans/min Max.Speed:60 Cans/min Largest can specification:502# Power Supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz Total Power:0.55KW Overall dimension:1800*540*1173mm Unscrambling table and collecting table arrange the cans in line, then go to the filling machine one by one....Read More
  • Empty Cans Sterilizing Machine

    Empty Cans Sterilizing Machine

    Chain plate width:152mm Chain plate width:152mm Conveying speed:10m/min Power supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz Total power:Motor:0.55KW, UV light:0.96KW Total weight:200kg Overall dimension:3200*400*1150mm UV sterilizing the empty can, make sure no bacteria in can. The top...Read More
  • Spoon Feeding Machine

    Spoon Feeding Machine

    Working mode:Vibrating scoop unscrambling machine,Pneumatic scoop feeding machine. Casting speed:40-80pcs/min Power supply:3P AC220V 60Hz Total power:0.37kw Overall dimension:1500*700*1500mm Adopt automatic spoon feeding system. The machine feed the spoon to can automatic....Read More
  • Finished Can Cleaning Machine

    Finished Can Cleaning Machine

    Clean the dust of the finished can, all-round cleaning the cans body. This is cans body cleaning machine can be used to handle all-round cleaning for cans. Cans rotate on the conveyor and air blowing come from different directions of clean the cans. This machine also equip...Read More
  • Plastic Lid Capping Machine

    Plastic Lid Capping Machine

    Capping speed:60 - 70 cans/min Can specification:φ60-160mm H50-260mm Power supply:3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz Total power:0.12kw Air supply:6kg/m2 0.3m3/min Overall dimensions:1540*470*1800mm Conveyor speed:10.4m/min Cap the soft lid after seamed can. Automatic feed and cap the...Read More
  • Storage Hopper

    Storage Hopper

    Temporary storage the powder to next step(Mix or pack), the volume could be made according the customer requirement. All made of SUS304 stainless steel except for motor. Hopper volume:0.25~2cbm(Other volume could be designed and manufactured.) Accessories and options:...Read More
  • Big Bag Sterilizing Machine

    Big Bag Sterilizing Machine

    Speed:8m/min Power supply: 3P AC208-415V 50/60Hz Total power: 1.23kw Blower power:7.5kw Weight: 600kg Dimension:5100*1377*1483mm Sterilize the big bag before open the bag, make sure the powder won't be pollute during the bag open. This machine is composed of 5 segments:...Read More
  • Dust Collector

    Dust Collector

    Collect the dust when filling, widely used for the easy fly powder. Elegant & splendid:Whole machine are made from full stainless steel including draught fan, it is accord with working environment of food grade. High efficiency:The singlde drum filter of folding micron...Read More
  • Work Platform

    Work Platform

    Support the machine, easy for worker to check the machine and machine maintenance.Fully stainless steel structure. Include:Platform,guard rails and ladder. The surface of platform and ladder are made of checkered plate. The platform can be made with detachable design,which is...Read More
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