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What Is The Speed Of The Powder Packing Machine?
Oct 10, 2018

What is the speed of powder packing machines?

For can and bottle.

The speed of the packing machines is measured by how many packages can be produced. The speed of the packaging machine can vary according to many factors. Product features, weight, the container shape, environmental factors and operator’s technical ability can directly affect the speed of the machine.

We have different machine with different speed to suit for different requirement.

1. Dual lane four head Auger filler

High speed and high accuracy machine. Which suit for the high value powder, high output products.


2. Rotary powder filling machine

With turntable which can add the load cell under, with vibration function which could packing the powder into container even. 


3. Inline auger filler powder packing machine

Economic choose for packing the powder into bottle or can. Volumntric meter which is good packing speed. 

auger filler.jpg

4. Semi automatic powder filling machine

The Semi automatic machine is suitable for the factory which just start. Good price but need worker to put the bottle or bag under the filling auger.

Manual Auger filler.jpg

Dahepack start on 1997, with rich experience in the milk powder packing machine, and our machine export to Australia, New zealand. Good reputation in our customer. 

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