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Powder Filling Machine Principle Features
Jun 22, 2018

1 The powder filling machine is a machine, electricity, light, instrument in one, single-chip control, with automatic quantitative, automatic filling, automatic adjustment of measurement errors and other functions 2, speed: spiral cutting, light control technology

3, high precision: using stepper motor and electronic weighing technology

4. Wide range of filling device: The same machine with a fixed quantity of filling machine can adjust and replace the different specifications of feeding screws in the range of 5-5000g through the electronic scale keyboard.

5. Wide range of application: powdery and granular materials with certain fluidity can be

6, suitable for bags, cans, bottles and other packaging containers powder packaging

7, the error caused by the change of material proportion and material level can be automatically tracked and corrected

8, photoelectric switch control, only artificial bagging, bag mouth clean, easy to seal