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Packaging Machine Manufacturers Challenges And The Way Forward
Nov 05, 2018

                        Packaging Machine manufacturers, challenges and the way forward

All the packaging machine manufacturers face multiple challenges ranging from creating or maintaining their value proposition to acquiring new customers, from creating the most innovative products to providing those products at a reasonable price, from responsive after sales service to good work life balance for their employees, from maintaining margins to providing the best value for money solutions to the customers, how can some companies meet all these challenges successfully and others lag miserably?

Customer and consumer centric approach in every decision is the key, how am I going to help my customer perform their job better is the key question which has to be answered for any new prospective change.  These days packaging machinery manufacturers do business in an environment, where reducing the overall packaging materials usage is both a major market demand and a regulatory requirement. Manufacturers must adapt to the fact that sustainability has become a powerful design criteria for new materials and pack­aging systems that will be run on their machines.

Today, consumer goods producers are striving to evolve packaging formats and containers into new shapes to appeal to continually changing customer needs and tastes. Nearly every machine produced by a packaging machinery company is supposed to come true to bring a package designer’s creation to life, to increase production rates, or to lower costs.To succeed in this business, you must be able to create new formats, packaging types and product shapes rapidly and these machines have to be flexible to accommodate quick changes in future.

Product taste and performance, convenience, and nutrition are still consumer’s top priorities, although consumers place increasing value on protecting the environment, only a few appear to make sustainability the dominant consideration. The Packaging machinery manufacturers which help the companies achieve these objectives have got definite edge over the others.

Automation reduces time and costs asso­ciated with change parts and enable packaging equip­ment to adapt more quickly and efficiently to run variable materials. It can be associated with light-weight packaging materials or materials having higher recycled material content. Great OEM companies ensure simple and effective automation solutions in their equipment.

Major retailers have become very specific in recent years about the types of packaging they want from their suppliers. Sizes, shapes, closures, and other features can vary substantially for identical products across major retail chains. Secondary packaging can vary widely as well and shelf ready packaging is the buzz word. So, the machines which can cater to all these variations have definite advantages.