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FAQ Of The Powder Filling Machine
Oct 10, 2018

FAQ of the Powder filling machine

1- What is the difference between a fully automatic machine and a semi-automatic machine?

Fully automatic machine works at high speeds. With minimal human intervention, the machine automatically performs self-packing. These machines are designed for large businesses who want to produce too many products. Automatic machines usually work in coordination with automatic machine feeding systems and packaged product packaging systems. In this way, minimum human labour is used in both feeding the machine and packaging the packaged product. Automatic filling and packaging systems perform high precision filling. Since human intervention is limited, the error is very low. But cost of automatic packaging machines are higher than semi automatic.

Semi-automatic machines require human interaction in part of the process. For example, the machine weighs the product in the desired weight and fills it in the package. But the packagemouth is closed with a worker manual resistance. Therefore, the speed is slower than the automatic packaging lines and is more prone to error. But the cost of investment is cheaper. Usually, new customers prefer semi-automatic lines. The factory started to work with semi-automatic machines are switching to full automatic machines after a while. Suitable for entry level customers.

2- What kind of packaging machine do we offer?

Dahepack is professional for powder filling and mixing machine since 1997. Over 20 years experience in this field. No matter filling powder into bottle, can. Or into bag, sachet. We make machine to meet your requirement.

Below is the sample picture.



3- What are the prices of packaging machines?

It is not possible to give a quick answer. Because we are making special packaging machine to customer. Every customer’s request is different. The optional features each customer wants are different. But we can still give you a price for an idea. The best quality machine you can get at this price. Every customer in pricing is unique and unique. Y

ou have many features like what kind of package you want, the packing speed you want, the packing weight you want. How complex the machine is and how fast you want the factors that change the price of the machine.
In general, the packaging machine you want to receive, how much complex, how specific to the customer,  high speed will be more expensive.

Dahepack start on 1997, with rich experience in the milk powder packing machine, and our machine export to Australia, New zealand. Good reputation in our customer. 

“Quality casting brilliant, honesty leads success”, all employees of Dahe Rongyi will take this as a belief and  cooperate with various industries and fields. Because of the professionalism, Dahe Rongyi is willing to join hands with friends  at home and abroad in the pursuit of excellence, and create brilliant together! 


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