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What Is a Filling Machine?
Nov 13, 2018
What Is a Filling Machine?

Did you ever wonder how bottles, tin, cans, and containers of all shapes and sizes are filled with their contents? Well, wonder no more! Filling machines are used by industries all over the world to fill every kind of container imaginable! From soda to hydrochloric acid and everything in between, these machines take on the task of putting a company's product into the various types of containers in which they will be sold to the public all over the globe. A sampling of industries that use this type of machinery include:
Industrial chemicals 
Cleaning chemicals 
Contract packaging 
Distilleries and many, many more!
When we purchase products from our local grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy or any other store, we are partaking in a job well done by filling machines all over the world!
Do They All Serve the Same Purpose?

The different types of filling machines, capping machines, and other similar machines are as varied as the products and industries that require their service! The design of the machine is uniquely structured to take on specific jobs and specific products. Additionally, there are two basic categories that these types of machines fall into: the automatic production machine, and the semi-automatic production filling machine.

Auger filler is the best choice for the powder and small granule. We have semi automatic auger filler, fully automatic auger filler. Extremely high accuracy auger filler which to meet the powder in high value packing. 




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