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The secert of the auger filler
Oct 16, 2018

                                        The secert of the auger filler


How do they work?

Auger fillers, made in different shapes and sizes. They also have different ways they fill the bags or bottles. There are more and less sophisticated types, but the auger powder filling machine principle stays the same. The vertical auger powder filing machines are the most common.

The auger powder filling machine principle is simple. There are six parts to a filling head from the simplest to the most elaborate:

  • Auger Drive which measures how fast product flows through

  • Agitation Drive – move a slower blade which moves counter-rotation

  • Hopper holds the bag or bottle (or anything else per specification) that is filled in the end

  • Agitation blade – helps feeding the product into the auger flights

  • Auger screw – moves vertically to feed the product through a funnel

  • Funnel or tube is an outlet through which auger doses

Same or similar procedure is used from machine to machine, from model to model.

Auger meter tool

Other important parts

If you need a slower rate of dosing, the funnel also needs to be smaller. However, sower dosing also raises accuracy. It also means that a larger auger or funnel will perform the task quicker.

The size depends in several things:

  • Weight of the fill

  • Dosing speed

  • Accuracy needed

  • How big or small is the neck of the container

Remember that most of the time you will need three tooling sets. A small, medium and large sets of weights. Most of the parts can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. Speeding up or slowing down process can be done without additional tools.


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