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Milk Powder Turn Key Packaging Lines
Oct 26, 2018

                              Milk Powder Turn Key Packaging Lines

Your manufacturing process is stable, and you have packaging that is working for you in your competitive retail environment. Sales has forecast a massive increase in sales requiring you to triple your manufacturing capacity. It’s a good thing, but how are you going to do that?

You reach out to the sales engineering staff and they propose a suite of packaging machines that will do what you need. An application engineer needs to know the nature of your product and the volume of business you wish to support. The physical characteristics of your product determine the type of filling machine needed. Is your product easy to flow or not? With fat, sugar? These question and many more help shape the turnkey solution that the Accutek engineering team will propose for you.

The elements of a turn key packaging system are as follows:

. Can sterilizer – Prepare your containers for filling.

. Filling machine – Type of filling machine determined by the physical properties of the product.

. Can sealing machine – Sealing the milk can. Usually the machine with the nitrogen filling function.

. Printer – Used for printing lot codes

. Conveyor – Moves containers through the various packaging machines.

. Turn Table – Used to unscramble and accumulate containers.