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Milk powder packing line
Oct 26, 2018

                                       Milk powder packing line and the requirement

Milk powder is a difficult filling product. It can show different filling properties, depending on formula, fat content, drying method, granulation and density rate. Even the same product’s properties can vary depening on manufacturing conditions.

Appropriate Know-How is necessary to engineer machines that are able to fill milk powder cleanly, accurately and efficiently.


Before packing the milk powder into can.  it's important to ensure that all containers are sterile meaning it must have no dust, metal, glass, or bacteria in it to possibly contaminate the product it's filled with. Prior to the filling process, production may require the machine below to effectively remove harmful particles from can. After the cans are properly cleaned they can be filled. Once filled, the next step is to ensure that the Milk powder are tightly sealed by using capping machines.

1. Can turning, Degauss&Blowing machine


2. Empty Cans sterilizing machine


After then can clean, go to the next step, filling. Because the milk powder in high value, so the machine packing accuracy is important. Our factory with the double filler on-line weighing machine.


3. Double filler on-line weighing machine



After filling, to keep the milk powder in fresh. It will need filling nitrogen in to the can. Below is the vacuum nitrogen can seamer.


4. Vacuum nitrogen can seamer


After the can seamer, usually it have the soft cap in the can. So we also have the soft capper machine.

5. Soft capper machine


It's only the simple introduce of the machine,  the whole line including other machines. 

Pls check the below packing line. Welcome to contact us for the detail.


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