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How to Choose the Most Suitable Powder Packing Machine?
Oct 11, 2018

How to Choose the Most Suitable Powder Packing Machine?

What is Powder Packing Machine?

Powder Packing Machine means the machines can finish total or parts products and commodity powder packing process, including mainly automatic filling, bag forming, sealing and coding and so on.
The related following process including cleaning, stack, disassemble and so on. besides, packing also including Metering and stamp at packing products. Using this powder packing machine can improve production rate, alleviate labor intensity to meet large scale production and sanitary demand.

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So How to choose the most suitable powder packing machine!

  1. First we should confirm what products we will do packing.

  2. High cost performance is the first Principle.

  3. Try to choose the long history packing brand factory with high quality guarantee.

  4. If you have plan to visit factory, try to pay more attention to whole machine, especially machine detail, machine quality always depends on detail, better do machine test with real sample products.

  5. About after-sales service, it should be good reputation with timely, especially to food production enterprise. You need to choose a superior after-sales service machine factory.

  6. Do some research about packing machine what other factory under using, may can be a good suggestion.

  7. Try to choose the machine with simple Operation and maintenance, Accessories complete and full automatic dosing system with continuous, which can improve packing rate and decrease Labor cost for the long-term development of enterprises.

Packing machine daily maintenance process request including machine cleaning, fastening, adjustment, Lubrication and corrosion protection process.
During the daily production process, machine maintenance operator should take notice of following machine maintenance manual and regulations, according to maintenance period processing each maintenance work, decrease wear rate of spare parts, avoid possible failure to prolong the service life of the machine.Packing machine maintenance process including daily maintenance, regular maintenance and Special maintenance, regular maintenance including first grade, second grade and third grade, special maintenance including Seasonal maintenance and maintenance stopping.

Maintenance Specification Process

Following words are introduction of these type maintenance specification process and matters need attention.

Packing machine daily maintenance is mainly cleaning, lubrication, testing and fastening, during and after packing should process daily maintenance as request.

  • First Grade is processing based on daily maintenance. Mainly process is lubrication, fastening and testing related parts and cleaning process.

  • Second Grade is mainly focus on testing and adjustment. Specific is testing motor, clutch, transmission, driving member, Steering and brake components.

  • Third Grade is mainly focus on testing, adjusting and avoid possible failure and balance Wear degree of each parts. These parts may cause using condition and possible failure of machine should be checking and condition test to complete necessary replacement, adjustment and possible failure avoiding processes.

Tips: Seasonal maintenance means at the beginning of summer and winter should focus on:

  • Power system (motor)

  • Conveying system (Screw axis and Belt conveyer)

  • Air pressure system (testing lubrication and sealing with Air compressor)

  • Control system (Maintenance of electrical control cabinet, this part should be process under engineer guidance)

Those testing and repair maintenance stopping means machine should be stopped using for a period of time with seasonal factor (such as winter). During this time people should do cleaning, arrangement, complement, moisture proof and anticorrosion processes.

Using this powder packing machine can improve production rate, alleviate labor intensity to meet large scale production and sanitary demand. So How to choose the most suitable powder packing machine!

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