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Oct 08, 2018


Although we, as consumers, might not put a whole lot of thought into it—the packaging process is an essential part of the production cycle. In fact, many of us don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes in order to produce, package and deliver food products to stores for us to buy.

The automated food packaging machine has revolutionized the food processing industry by increasing the efficiency of operational processes for many food manufacturers. Without these machines, products would take significantly longer to reach the shelves.

At Dahepack, we provide an array of food packing machine options to help make your production process more efficient.

Food Packaging Equipment

There are a variety of different food powder packaging machine that perform specific tasks that lead up to the actual packaging of the product including: screw feeder, auger filler, metal detectors, incline conveyors, augers, platforms, vertical baggers.


Various types of food products required different types of packaging. In fact, many foods require complete coverage to prevent damage, cross contamination and for sanitary reasons. These would include dried fruit, cheeses and poultry and meat products.

A high-quality food packaging machine can be programmed to adjust to the particular food being packaged. These machines are automated and can be set to meet the required standards for packaging per the specific product being packaged.


Productivity and efficiency are also an important part of any production process.  We provide food packaging machines that increase the efficiency of an operation as well as the overall productivity. The automated process provided mitigates risks associated with human error and reduce the amount of resources which are wasted, ultimately maximizing production levels.

Food Packaging Machine Maintenance

Machine maintenance can take up a lot of time in the production process, which results in a decrease in production level and could eventually affect a company’s bottom line. A high-quality machine should not involve extensive routine maintenance, which is exactly why we build our stainless-steel machines to be relatively low maintenance with long service lives. Other than cleaning on a routine basis, you can count on our equipment to operate with a high level of efficiency for a long time.

Without the food packaging machine, the food processing and distribution industry would not be quite the same. Automation in food packaging had greatly increased the efficiency and capabilities of food processing companies. We are on the cutting edge of delivering this technology to our customers.