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Double shaft Paddle mixer
Oct 08, 2018

1. Introduction

Industrial double shaft paddle mixers have been a design of choice for process industries over the last 30 years for bulk solids dry mixing. They offer many advantages vs other mixer design, especially a short mixing time and a gentle handling of the product.

2. Mixing principle 

Double shaft paddle mixers are convective mixers : the mixer is equipped with 2 agitators mounted with paddles that actively displaces the powder.

For the mixing to be efficient, a certain speed of rotation of the shaft must be reached. At this speed, the paddles are able to lift the solid and create a fluidization of the product in the central area of the mixer. This zone, called fluidization zone, is the area where mixing actually takes place.

Double shaft paddle mixer fluidization zone

Figure 1 : Fluidization zone in double shaft paddle mixer

3. Specification

Double Paddle.JPG

Applications of double shaft paddle mixers

Double shaft paddle mixers, thanks to their working principle based on fluidization, find a lot of applications in industries where a good level of homogeneity is required with possibility to disperse minor ingredients <0.1% while having a gentle mix and short mixing time :

- Pharmaceuticals : mixing active principles
- Baby food : infant formula or infant cereals
- Food : ready to prepare mixes like coffee, cocoa...
- Food ingredients : flavors, premix
- Chemicals : mixing of reactants, premix