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Affecting the powder mixing process factor
Sep 27, 2018

Powder mixer powder mixture generally refers to two or more than two kinds of different components of the process of mixing powder. Mixing is the first step to prepare the whole process, the distribution of the mixture is very important, because the mix is not uniform in the follow-up process is not adjusted.

Basic factors affecting the mixing process of powder:

1. Particle size, coarse powder particles have better compression, but the poor formability, fine powder forming, but poor compression, so the size of the appropriate collocation, can improve the filling type, improve the powder compression and improve the sintering properties of the powder. However, the size of the powder particles is more different, the more difficult to mix. Fine powder is easy to "bridge" and the mutual adhesion, hinder the movement of particles, is not easy to disperse.

2. The density of the bulk density (specific gravity) of the greater the density difference, the more difficult to mix. Loose powder density of light powder is easy to float, mixed, always floating on the top, it is difficult to mix with the heavier powder of the group, not easy to mix evenly.

3. The fluidity of the powder is poor, and the particles are not easy to mix with each other.

4. Superfine powder, ultra light powder of the two kinds of powder in the mixture, the characteristics of their own characteristics, easy to float, easy to adhere to each other, not easy to disperse evenly.

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