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Rotary Powder Auger Filling Machine

Rotary Powder Auger Filling Machine

Rotary powder Auger Filling machine Rotary Auger Filler machine is the best suitable for filling coffee, tea, spices like turmeric, chilly, flours like wheat, maida, besan, skimmed milk powder, tooth powder, herbal powder, talcum powder, distemper, solid glucose, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc....

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Rotary powder Auger Filling machine

Rotary filler machine is time tested vacuum / servo auger filler and air systems are fit in the machine to fill powder in jar or bottle to achieving high speed and high accuracy. This is a proven rotary powder filler technology for special bottle lifting and neck holding system to avoid powder spillage on bottle neck / shoulder, neck and body that keeps bottle clean and avoid powder wastage.

Rotary dry syrup powder line with Bottle handling system in this machine ensures powder filling with speed through separate moving funnel with bottles without compromising in moving speed and precise filling. Unique vibratory system in the funnel helps filling of semi-free-flow type powder at higher speed application.



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