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Packing Line Protein Powder Filling Machine

Packing Line Protein Powder Filling Machine

Packing line Pharma powder filling machine Unscrambler Machine for PET Jars Powder Feeding Machine (Screw Conveyor) Automatic Powder Filling Machine (Rotary) Automatic Capping Machine Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine (Optional) Automatic Labeling Machine Date/Code Printer Truly fully automated...

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Product Details

Packing Line protein Powder Filling Machine


  • Rotary positioning device, English and Chinese LCD touch screen, PLC control system, work at a glance.

  • Using cans-shaped or bottle-shaped container, no or lack container no filling, can be configured into automatically filling line.

  • Whole machine structure have reasonable layout, replacement of the material, and clean up easy.

  • Imported servo motor, high-speed and big torque, improved the filling accuracy.

  • Check weigher feedback, automatic adjust the filling weight to ensure high packing accuracy.

  • overweight filling accuracy alarm, not miss everyone substandard products.

Technical parameter


Packing line

packing line.jpg

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