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Can Filling Line Milk Powder Packing Machine

Can Filling Line Milk Powder Packing Machine

Automatic auger filler milk powder packing machine 1.Modular program design, PLC control system, man-machine interface. A variety of products recipe with different parameters can be stored 2.Equip with automatic canned systems, which will not filling when lack of the bottle/can 3.Inspect the...

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Product Details

Can Filling line Milk Powder Packing Machine

Measurement: Auger filler, Unique secondary filling design

Packing container size: φ60-135mm

Packaging weight: 10-2000g

Packing accuracy: ≤500g, the tolerance≤±1g

                 100-2000g, the tolerance≤±1.5-2g

Packing speed: 25-55Cans/min

Machine Power: 3.4Kw

Air pressure: 6Kg/cm2

Gas consumption: 0.2m³/mi



Packing line

production line.jpg

filling machine.jpg

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