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Auger Filling Powder Filling Machine

Auger Filling Powder Filling Machine

Auger dosing powder filling machine The filling system is suitable for products that are Non Free Flowing. The filling is of non free flowing products is achieved by the rotation of the screws which are made from stainless steel. Servo motors provide the rotation of the screws. The weight for...

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Auger Filling Powder bottle Filling Machine

Powder filling machines are used in Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Chemical, and Food & beverage industries. The high quality automatic powder filling machines are suitable for all powders and granules. The design features includes High Filling accuracy, Microprocessor controls, zero ripping, accurate slippage control, Fills Free Flowing, 100% in process control, eliminates costly hand weighing etc.

1.PLC controller, servo system, professional auger metering, International top brand electrical equipments to ensure 24 hours continuant working.
2.Safe & dust-proof of removable glass cover. Stainless steel SUS304.
3.No tools required to replace components



Machine structure

           Powder filling machine 5.jpg

Multihead filling machine


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