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Automatic Vertical Packing Auger Filler Machine

Automatic Vertical Packing Auger Filler Machine

Vertial Flour powder packing machine 1. It can complete automatically make you prefered bag, weigh, fill, seal, cut, print date code, etc. 2. 304 stainless steel machine, PLC computer control system with touch screen, display screen is simple and direct viewing in operation, daily production...

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Automatic Vertical packing Auger Filler Machine

Automatic Vertical packing Auger Filler Machine. Proffered packaging machine intakes plastic film, converts it into the form of pouch, accepts the material from dispensing system and then seals the pouches, by the help of pneumatically operated heaters.

In auger filler machine, the material to be filled is stored in the hopper. The stirrer of the machine facilitates the prevention of any bridging of the material. The Servo motor drive of the machine provides the perfection of accuracy and speed of the machine.

Optional Attachments :

Batch coding device  (Print or embossed)
Gas flushing
Take- off conveyors
Adjustable disc



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